The Morningside Historic Home Tour & Celebration of 100 Years is an event that celebrates the rich history and architectural designs of this Miami neighborhood. Morningside, Miami’s first historic district, opened its doors to the first Historic Home Tour in 1985 as an opportunity to learn about the neighborhood established in 1922. The tours continued for 23 years and inspired 80% of residents to make Morningside their home, but they were discontinued in 2008. Dan Vazquez spearheaded the revival of the Historic Home Tours in 2016 until the pandemic forced the doors to close in 2020. Since, the committee has worked tirelessly to preserve Miami’s rich history and culture in ways that are both admirable and innovative. Championed by Dan Vazquez and the committee, Morningside is hosting an event this year where thy will showcase eight homes and three gardens, provide a vendor showcase, Art Morningside, Flavors of Morningside, and amore. Despite challenges like gaining public trust, acquiring grants, and finding volunteers, Morningside has succeeded in creating an event that celebrates 100 years of unique heritage.