A Bike Walk to Remember

Coral Gables Magazine,

Every third Sunday of the month, dozens of cyclists congregate at the Coral Gables Museum to enjoy a few hours biking the tree-lined streets of our city, courtesy of Bike Walk Coral Gables. I went to February’s tour, a nearly three-hour-long adventure starting at 10 am devoted to “capturing Coral Gables” for the museum’s annual photo contest. Tickets are $10 (or $5 for museum members), and you must bring your own bike.

I’m no avid cyclist, but the tour’s leisurely pace was easy to follow, even on my ’90s era Trek bike. And while Coral Gables doesn’t always feel built for bikes, riding in a group with volunteer traffic directors made it much safer.

Bike walk co-founders John and Debbie Swain ride alongside tour-guide Chris Rupp (center). (Kenneth Garcia)

Guided by Dade-Heritage Trust director Chris Rupp and Coral Gables Bike Walk co-founders John and Debbie Swain, we made our way from downtown Gables through quiet residential streets. Each of our eight stops had historical or cultural significance, with Rupp providing expert commentary – including on the Biltmore, Coral Gables Elementary, and the hold-out home at The Plaza Coral Gables.

Bike Walk Coral Gables was founded two decades ago and has gained a devoted following. “Except when we get rained out, we’ve done these tours every month since 2011,” says John Swain. “People keep coming back.” And it’s not only locals – February’s tour included cyclists hailing from Hollywood, Miami Beach, and South Miami, as well as visitors from as far north as Maryland. This month’s March 19 tour will focus on art fixtures in the city. Ride on.

Bike Walk Coral Gables

Coral Gables Museum
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